Mallorca Yachts & Property

Ciudad: Palma
Provincia: Baleares
Sector: Bienes raices
Tipo: Empleador Directo
We sell all types of real estate apartments, villas, land etc. and are always looking for owners who are interested in selling. Your role will simply be to introduce us to owners you know of.

This is a role you can perform with no experience and little effort and just earn commission to significantly top up income from other work.

However, if you have experience and want to maximise the opportunity, a proactive sourcing strategy will maximise your income.

We welcome referrals of owners of all types of real estate. We cover all the costs and do all the work required to sell the property. When we sell the property we will share a split of our commission with you. Its significant amount of money for the little effort required.

There will be gaps between income however, you can just use this as a way to easily boost income from another job for very little effort or put a bit more time in by proactively looking for property.

No experience is necessary however, if you feel more motivated and have ideas of how to find owners interested in selling, the opportunity to earn good commissions is of course even greater.
You will need an account to invoice from, as you will be working autonomo, however, we can receive invoices from any account. Ifyou do need to set up an autonomo account of your own, you dont need to do that until you earn money and we can advise you how to keep this cost to zero between sells if you only make occassional sells or minimal if you make more. The cost will be very small compared to the commissions you will make.
You will need to speak fluent Spanish and at least good English. German and any other languages could be a bonus but not essential


Freedom to manage your own diary, spend a very small amount of your time for generous commissions. You can do this as something on the side. Tell us about one seller you know or find more sellers. The more property you bring the more chance we have of selling something and sharing commission with you.

We look forward to your application for this job. We will respond to as soon as possible with a quick phone call or message if you prefer and then we will arrange a video conference to discuss your needs and wants and the role in greater detail.